I am not talking about “bugs in rugs.”  No, these bugs are the idiosyncracies of trying to coordinate our Square which we use to record sales (and which it is extremely good at, by the way) and the “Purchase” part of our website.  The problem is the photos. A photo in our Item Library on the Square will often end up very distorted on the Website, and does not show the rug off at all well.  I did discover, however, that if you look at the Website on an IPad, this distortion does not happen; it does happen on my laptop because the dimensions alloted to the photo are different, even though these are both Apple products.  Go figure.

Anyway, we have resorted to a somewhat awkward fix, hoping that something more elegant will come along soon.  Several of the rugs are in the Slide Show in the Home section of our website.  Each rug has a name and a number, but, so far, we have been unable to simply post that name or number on those rugs.  So the number is in the notes for each rug in the Purchase section of the Website.  Unfortunately, this requires you to look at the Slide Show and figure out the number of the rug and match that number to the name and price in the Purchase section.  Awkward, I think, but rest assured we are working on better coordination between these two sections.  And, in any case, we will e-mail you a photo of the rug you are interested in if you will just give us your e-mail in the section on the Home page that asks for it.