Saturday morning. Well, it’s here – the first day of Open Studio and we are ready except… we still have to lay the rugs out on the tarps and put the signs up and set up a snack table, etc. Lots of chores are required to set up for Open Studio, so I am lucky to have talented family and friends who are willing to help. My son, Greg, did the video for the website, my daughter did the signs for the show, our old friend, Joyce, is here to help wherever needed, my wife worked on the website and named all the rugs, my son put up the popups so that there will be shade, my sons-in-law helped with that and provided muscle for moving rugs about, etc… – the list goes on. I am grateful to all of them. I hope to be posting to the page frequently. Meanwhile, come to our Open Studio on this weekend, October 4 and 5 and Encore Weekend October 18 and 19.

Look forward to seeing you.