I was a set designer for many years, so repurposing and recycling materials is ingrained in my psyche. It is no surprise, then, that previously used materials would be a natural choice for my art. My first rugs were made from army blankets that had been used in one of my sets. Later I started using wool sweaters as my raw material because it gave me much more flexibility in my color choices.

I haunt thrift shops garage sales, and Goodwill stores for bargains, buy all-wool sweaters, unravel them into skeins, and, often, either dye or overdye the skeins. All of my designs are original and are sketched onto the back of a loosely woven cotton material called Monk’s Cloth. I use several strands of yarn at once, “hooking” the yarn through the Monk’s Cloth from the back. Once the rug is finished, it is coated with a latex backing that holds the strands of yarn in place and provides a non-skid surface for the back of the rug.